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"just wanted to say thanks again for making Samantha's party so wonderful. She commented to me last night when she was thinking about all the coins coming out her sleeves and the glass bubble "he really is magic you know mummy!"




Melissa Glover - September 2014


You were amazing!

Thanks so much for coming today and making her party so awesome!

The parents and kids were all blown away by you and talked about you (in a good way) for ages after you left.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Anna, Mike, Abigail and Katherine


Annamarie greaney - September 2014

"Hi Paul,

Thanks so much for coming to Korokoro School and sharing your magic with the juniors. It was great to see the students so engaged and their laughter was infectious. Your show fitted in so well with our topic this term 'What is a performer?' Thank you!"

Georgina - September 2014

"Hi Zappo

Just wanted to thank you for putting on an awesome show for our daughters 5th birthday and making it such a memorable occasion . It was great to hear so much laughter from the kids (and adults). "

George - September 2014

"We just love to see the wonderment and awe on faces as Zappo works his magic on teachers, whanau and tamariki alike. There is laughter, giggles and permanent smiles as he engages us all with his relevant and topical performances.

One of the most inspiring things about Zappo is his ability to captivate his audience and involve them in his interactive style. We especially appreciate the effort he goes to in providing an experience that reflects the principles of Te Whariki, and his ease of use with Te Reo Maori.

Zappo's props are well thought out, his performance is polished and he really knows how to get his messages across...thanks Zappo"

Marfell Kindergarten, New Plymouth - March 2014

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