Light at the end of the Tunnel

Hi everyone,well what a time we have all had in the past couple of Months with Covid-19, it has certainly changed things here and around the world, but hopefully there will be light at the end of the Tunnel.


When it Hit I decided to do Daily Shout Outs and Birthday greetings for the children and Magic on line,it nice to give back and also keep my Presence and the Magic Alive
It went really well and myself and Darryl(cameraman) learnt a lot from the experience with me entering into a Virtual World.


It was strange at first performing to a cell phone,but as the days went by it got better and we both became slicker with the new technology etc.....
Facebook Live went well except for a few connectivity problems with Vodaphone but over all it went off well and I was pleased with the finished project and learning curve
Transforming your garage into a studio and thank goodness for having the Black sheets


At the end of it I had a digital Library and everything was uploaded to my You Tube Account. for the tamariki to watch and rewatch if they want.

Since then I have bought a Circular light, Backdrop and a few other things in case it happens again. 

Through all this I'm now able to perform a Virtual Magic show either a Birthday Party pre recorded show or live via Zoom,which people can contact me if they are interested in having one
Also Ive upped my balloon Delivery on Bouquets and birthday pieces which is exciting..
As New Zealand is healing my Birthday parties have started coming in and larger Shows will follow,ive just been booked for School Holidays at Johnsonville Shopping Centre in July and lots of inquiries coming in.

So all good
Take care everyone and speak again soon!

Monday 8th of June 2020

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